Many hands make light work.
What do a customer service rep, a cost accountant and the COO all have in common? They all need to know what’s going on with your shipping. And now they can, with team management. Effortlessly assign and revoke accounts across your org, and let individual users access the data they need.
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Team management so easy
It's almost cheating.
Onboard with ease. In a few clicks, you can invite anyone to Galleon. Every new seat is eligible for a free tutorial on the platform.
Tie off loose ends. Don’t let departing employees leave with access to your most sensitive customer data — simply remove their user, and permissions are immediately revoked.
Make it yours. Every user can deploy filters, download data and schedule reports independently, without interrupting their teammates.
On the go?
Take your data with you.
We know you can’t always be at your desk. That’s why Galleon is optimized for mobile phones and tablets, too.
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Galleon serves elite shippers across the country
Here’s what they have to say.
“Galleon brings transparency to a space that's very the product.”
Richard Greiner
“Galleon transforms unusable data into refined insight, imperative for shaping the user experience.”
Julia Babina
Director of Operations
“The team really took the time to understand my business. They’re responsive, supportive, and smart.”
Charles Zhong