Don’t leave money on the table.
Carriers make mistakes — sometimes big mistakes. That’s why smart shippers audit their parcel invoices. Our team of Silicon Valley engineers has built an AI-powered auditing engine with no match on the market. Minimize your shipping spend and sleep a little bit easier at night.
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Up to 10% of your money back.
Late deliveries
If you have a service guarantee in place, get your money back for any shipments delivered past their service commitment.
Invalid surcharges
Up to 30% of your shipping spend might be tied up in surcharges. Recover refunds on mis-applied residential surcharges, delivery area surcharges, and dozens of others.
Don't pay for shipping labels you don't use. Automatically receive your money back for labels that were billed to your account but were never tendered to your carrier for delivery.
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With just 10 minutes of setup, Galleon can add tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to your bottom line. That’s money you can spend on marketing, customer service... or maybe even a nice round of bonuses.
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